Octivi aims to develop high quality web applications

Octivi has been started in 2012 as an answer for high market needs of a strong technologies specialized team, focused on outstanding quality of work.

We provide end-to-end solutions which fit great especially for Startups — technology consultancy, web development, maintenance and also our cloud infrastructure to host your project.

We help you to focus on your business development, not on an IT issues — that are our things to handle.

We're Startup-type software house,
highly customer oriented

Our clients especially like that style of work, when they don't communicate with some strict project manager who mostly doesn't know what is going on at the tech-side. We aim to connect business side of a project with technical things.

Our transparency allows for more rapidly communication... and by the way - most clients know us by heart.

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Our headquarters are located in Wrocław

Wrocław is one of the oldest and the biggest city in Poland and at the same the historic capital of the Silesia Region.

It's the third largest educational centre of Poland, with 135,000 students in 30 colleges. The most known universities which educate new IT students are Wrocław University of Technology and Wrocław University.

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