What we did?


Architecture Design

We introduced Service Oriented Architecture for better scalability and maintanability of the platform.


Software Development

Our team developed back-end systems responsible for delivering HR analytics results in near real-time.


Big Data Handling

We used Elasticsearch as a NoSQL database to store millions of survey results.


Reliable Data Processing

Highly reliable data flow provides results in near real time with the RabbitMQ Messaging System.


Analytics Engine

Our scalable engine allows us to perform very fast analytics operations on large amounts of data using Elasticsearch database.



The system is provided as a REST API service - it's not dependent to any frontend layer.

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Thanks to the work of the Octivi team and efective cooperation with Inspeo, we managed to significantly upgrade the platform. The solutions introduced, successfully prepared Inspeo to handle enterprise-level customers - e.g., Polish Postal Bank and the City of Szczecin.

Our standard for that type of project, is to make performance tests. They allow to objectively determine whether our works were effectively.

Results were better than originally expected. A single instance of the Analytics API allows to handle about 400 requests per second for surveys results. Average response times are at a level of 20 milliseconds.

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