What we did?


Take over development

We improved system stability by removing old bugs and code optimization.


Software Development

Website development is based on PHP with Zend Framework and MySQL database.


Technology Consultancy

We're helping Novadomi's founder to allow further scaling of a website.


System Integrations

We made integrations with CRM (invoicing) and on-line payment systems.


E-Commerce Tracking

Google Analytics is used to collect dynamic actions and analyse conversion.


Automatized purchase process

Integrations allowed to made purchase process fully on-line and automatized.

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After taking over development from other company, we have improved application stability and made it ready to handle new customers.

Thanks to improvements to the codebase, including refactorization and working on code quality, system is now easy maintainable and ready for developing new functionalities.

Advanced E-commerce tracking, based on Google Analytics, allows the founder of Novadomi to monitor every aspect of the site – including e-commerce conversions monitoring and tracking dynamic AJAX actions performed on the site.

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