What we did?


Software Development

We developed high-performance mission-critical backend system based on Symfony2, Redis and MySQL.


Software Architecture

Migration to Service Oriented Architecture made the system high scalable and easy maintanable.


Infrastructure Architecture

With PIXERS CTO we worked on improvement of the infrastructure.


IT Workflow Design

We designed workflow for PIXERS IT team based on Git and Gitlab.


Knowledge sharing

To fulfill successful cooperation, we made a presentation focused on improving websites' performance and scalability for PIXERS team.

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Platform provides high reliability of the core e-commerce functionalities. Redundancy in servers and replication of databases (MySQL and Redis) makes the system fault-tolerant.

Using Load Balancing mechanism, system is now working on several dozen servers and allows to scale out as easy as adding a new one. Currently it's handling approximately 910 millions requests every week.

Designed IT workflow model, based on version control system (Git) and Gitlab software, allowed to easily scale the IT team and speed up development process.

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