Scalable Search and Analytics Engine

Elasticsearch is a flexible and powerful open-source, distributed, real-time search and analytics engine.

We use Elasticsearch in building highly scalable website's search engines, which enhance user experience and increase conversion ratios. It is also our choice for high performance platforms focused on the analytical data.

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We use Elasticsearch for


Semantic search

Scalable website's search engines that enhance conversion rates


Analytics platforms

High Performance systems focused on an analytics data


Document Repositories

Platforms to search within the content of document files in an organization’s repositories


Big Data stores

Systems to store and analyze large amounts of data coming from our servers

Advantages of Elasticsearch

High Availability

During the outage of the main server, the search will be still available, as the Elasticsearch will automatically promote the new master node. Mechanisms of replication and sharding with automatic detection of failed nodes are available out of the box.

Powerful search experiences

Your users will love features that improve the accuracy of search results. Automatic spelling correction, using variety of words or even finding results by synonyms, is the thing that increases the conversion rates.

Analytics engine

Besides the search related features, Elasticsearch is also an analytics platform which fits great as a robust alternative for conventional data warehouses.

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