Reliable Messaging Systems

Asynchronous nature of RabbitMQ Messaging System is used to scale out applications and enhance integration of systems.

RabbitMQ allows us to make highly reliable and fault tolerant integration of systems. Applications can connect to each other as components of a larger platform.

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We use RabbitMQ for


System Integrations

Reliable integrations of a company's systems


Scaling out applications

Reduce latencies while accessing data from the other systems


Asynchronous Processing

Enhancing systems' performance using asynchronous processing of data

Advantages of RabbitMQ


RabbitMQ allows us to make integrations high reliable - features of delivery acknowledgements and publisher confirms ensures the stability of the data flow.


Messaging System enhances the scalability aspect of the application. Asynchronous communication is used to reduce latency while writing data to slower systems.


RabbitMQ uses server's RAM memory to store messages. This guarantees better performance when used for time-consuming tasks like data indexing.

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