In-memory Fast Storage

Redis is a NoSQL database that stores data in a server's memory.

We use Redis as a primary data storage in projects that require fast data access and high transactional throughput. We're also extensively using it to optimize the performance of the legacy web applications as a cache layer.

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We use Redis for


NoSQL Database

Primary data storage in applications that require fast data access and high transactional throughput



Cache layer to optimize the performance when using a conventional database


Performance Optimizations

Enhancing the performance of the existing applications

Highlights from our projects

14321 hits/sec
Data access throughput
Number of keept records
4 sec
Downtime since 07.2013

Advantages of Redis

Stability of the project

Redis is a mature NoSQL technology sponsored by Pivotal - a US based company with branches in 17 countries all over the world.

Open Source License

Redis is released under the Open Source 3-clause BSD license. That means it permits free reuse within proprietary, dedicated software.

Persistent Storage

Unlike the other in-memory database systems, Redis uses persistance mechanisms to ensure that after a server crash, the data will remain untouched.

High Availability

Redis provides mechanisms to maintain High Availability of the system. We achieve this by having multiple clones (replicas) of the master server. During an outage of the master node, we can easily switch an application to use one of the replicas.

0 downtime

Ever thought that replacing servers will lead to unavailability of the system? Using Redis, we achieve a 0-downtime effect, even with complex migrations!

High Performance

As Redis is an in-memory storage solution, it provides extraordinary performance. It's nothing strange to see a single node making 100 000 transactions per second. In short - most web applications won't be able to exhaust its capabilities.

From the Octivi Labs

How we cut down memory usage by 82%

Read how we cut down memory usage by 82% in our Redis cluster from 340GB to 60GB. The article was noticed and mentioned by Salvatore Sanfilippo (author of the project) and later featured in a Redis Weekly.

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