High Performance PHP Framework

Symfony2 is our core technology of choice in building bespoke web applications.

The power lies in its flexibility — Symfony fits great for fast building Startup's MVP as well as for complex Cloud Multitenant Platforms and ending with specialized REST Web Services focused on high-traffic.

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We use Symfony for


Custom built websites

Websites with custom functionalities that won't fit in a traditional CMS systems


Dedicated Web Applications

Web applications with bespoke functionalities and advanced business model concepts


Cloud platforms

Multitenant applications working in a Software as a Service model


High performance web services

Specialized REST Web Services focused on high traffic purposes

Highlights from our projects Numbers come from a single application's node

670 req/sec
Application's traffic
25 ms
Average response time
Requests every week

Advantages of Symfony

Stability of the project

Symfony is a project maintained by French based agency SensioLabs. Long Term Support for the current version of 2.3 is planned to the year of 2016. The release cycle is strictly respected and scheduled until 2019.

High Quality Assurance standards

Before the release of a new Symfony version, every piece of code is inspected to meet the coding and security standards. At the same time, backward compatibility of new versions is ensured.

Open Source License

Symfony2 is released under the Open Source MIT license. That means it permits free reuse within proprietary, dedicated software.


The whole stack architecture is based on the loosely coupled modules. Thanks to that, future bespoke modules written to meet your needs won't affect the rest of the system structure.

Reusable generic components

Symfony ecosystem consists of variety of reusable modules called Bundles. Instead of writing new Users' management system, developers can use the already made User Bundle and focus on your real business needs.

Code First!

Symfony enhances the productivity at an every step. Our developers especially like the ORM mechanism, which automatically transforms business domain classes into a database structure.

From the Octivi Labs

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Mastering Symfony2 Performance – Doctrine

List of our best practices of improving performance when using Doctrine ORM in your Symfony2 project - data access optimization, profiling queries.

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