Enhancing scalability and performance of your systems

We helped Startups that experienced an unexpected grow and needed fast help with improving their scalability issues. With our knowledge sharing attitude, we can show you paths of further enhancement of your websites.

We are passionate about performance and scalability. We always try to  choose the most appropriate technology for your needs to let you scale out at minimal costs.

We have been successful at optimizing services that handle more than 150 million requests every day. As well, we were improving reliability of the analytics platforms that needed highly scalable and fault tolerant data flows.

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Key points


Your system can't handle more users?

When your system doesn't scale well it can block your business growth. We'll spot weak points and suggest solutions for them.

Smart scaling-out will lead to improvement of the performance and reliability of your system along with a cost optimization of an infrastructure.


Your business is losing as you often experience downtime?

Systems must be fault-tolerant to not block the operational processes. We achieve it by making components redundant, improving software issues and database access.

We're working with mission critical eCommerce subsystems to improve their reliability.


You lose customers as your website is loading too slowly?

We can test the performance of your website making load-test and stress-test to spot the weak points.

Having insight on your application, we'll suggest you the ways of solivng the issue - that includes data access optimization (database), application level issues or even an infrastructure problems.

Technologies that we use to scale out

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