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Are you going to take over the development of the third party application? Reduce risk by making comprehensive audit which will let you to spot any maintanability problems.

Not sure if the system you outsourced is done right? Test its security level and performance by our industry standards compliance audits.

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Frontend Performance Insights

Optimization strategies for frontend consists of checks on how to reduce total amount of time needed to load your website.

We check and propose solutions of reducing the time needed to completely load your website – optimizing static files like images, stylesheets and JavaScripts.


Performance Test

We simulate behavior of the real customers of your website.

We take into consideration the typical visit scenario – traversal path and time spent on reading pages by your users – that gives powerful insight on for how many people the website can serve.


Security Test

Security Tests consists of the penetration tests based on blackbox methodology – the test without knowledge of the underlying code.

We test against potential vulnerabilities proposed by the OWASP Organization.


Code Review

We make a review of your software code. Based on the industry standard — the CISQ framework.

We check aspects of Reliability, Performance Efficiency and Maintainability of your system.

Compliance with Industry Standards

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