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Bespoke software development is our core service. We love to handle even the most uncommon requirements to build a system that will meet your idea.

We've strong, +10 years, experience in building scalable and reliable web systems. We've worked with a variety of clients - from Startups to Enterprise level ones. Thanks to that we're flexible and know how the business works.

We think that quality of our work will allow you to focus on your business needs, not on IT issues. We build systems with that in mind - they must be reliable and scalable to not block your business growth.

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End-to-end solutions


Our experienced system architects will gather your requirements and suggest a technical solution that will meet them.

We're not focused on strictly IT issues - we'll work to design a system that will solve your real business needs.

Our Project Managers will help you to manage the whole process, to make it as transparent for you as it could be - to let you focus on a business, not on IT problems!


Using the Open Source technologies, we can develop new idea or maintain your existing one.

In our Scrum Team, Development Team includes experienced Solution Architects which guides developers of your business requirements and the architecture of the system in general.

Our Quality Assurance process ensures that the work done is stable and reliable - those are key points to facilitate future maintenance.


We can offer you our scalable, cloud based infrastructure or help you find other solutions that will suit you best.

What can we do for you?


Custom built websites

When developing new idea, you also need bespoke web applications that will meet your requirements.

We're great at developing unusual applications, solving uncommon problems and handling complex logic.

We design and implement High Scalable systems that scales as your business grow.


Backend systems

Web-based systems that gives access to the company's data.

To facilitate analysis and give operational access to the company's data, we implement secure web-based systems.

Thanks to technologies we use, we can quickly make a pilot implementation.


Cloud platforms

To reduce costs of IT systems, companies started to migrate to Cloud Platforms working in a  Software as a Service model.

Multitenant systems can serve for multiple companies at the same time, reducing their operational costs.

Our portfolio starts with eCommerce Platforms and ends with secure Multitenant Systems used by governments.


Web Services - API

During the implementation of our webservices and working with variety of 3rd party REST APIs, we've gained experience in that narrow area.

Webservice allows to share data or specified operations to other applications with programming interface.

Your own API is also a must when developing additional mobile application which uses data from your website.


Search Engines

Your own search engine lead to an increase of customers conversion rates and improvement of visitor engagement.

Improvement of the accuracy of search results. Automatic spelling correction.

We've experience in technologies like Elasticsearch and Solr.


Analytics Systems

At the Startup's times, legacy data warehouse systems aren't a choice for rapid development of systems that process Big Data.

We're developing analytics systems that aggregates millions of records and platforms to store and analyse large amounts of servers' data.

For that purpose, we mostly use Elasticsearch as a scalable analytics engine.

Our technologies stack

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